One political party in the United States refuses to acknowledge global climate change. The presumptive Republican candidate for President of the United States calls global climate change a hoax. On the other hand, the World Bank suggests that the impact of this “hoax” will severely depress the economic growth of many water deprived nations. A “hoax” with potential Great Depression impact on the global economy.

Unless action is taken soon, the report says, water will become scarce in regions where it is currently abundant – such as Central Africa and East Asia – and scarcity will greatly worsen in regions where water is already in short supply – such as the Middle East and the Sahel in Africa. These regions could see their growth rates decline by as much as 6 percent of GDP by 2050 due to water related impacts on agriculture, health, and incomes.

Good times ahead.

Of course extinction events only matter if they happened 75 million years ago.

“The extinction event caused 75 percent of life to go extinct on Earth, including the dinosaurs,” said geophysicist Sean Gulick of the University of Texas and co-leader of the expedition. “Thus, determining the potential causes, or kill mechanisms, is a very important step forward in our understanding of the history of life on Earth.”

Even though there is a greater chance of any single human becoming extinct than that person being killed in a car accident.

Human beings are more likely to die in a mass extinction event than a car crash, according to a new report released by the UK based Global Challenges Foundation. The report – a document intended to provide international policy makers with an executive summary of contemporary existential threats for humanity – suggests that there is a 9.5% chance that a human extinction will occur in the next 100 years (the danger of dying in a car crash is below 2%).

There is an app for everything, but this is one that could help save endangered species.

The app – Wildlife Witness – was developed by Taronga Conservation Society Australia in partnership with Traffic, the wildlife trade monitoring network. Its focus was the South East Asia region, which has been identified as a hub in the global illegal wildlife trade.

How you feel about wolf recovery is a reflection of your political views, not based on scientific facts or empirical evidence. Republican opposition is based on a total conspiracy based world view. What a surprise!

It is further said that wolf recovery is part of a greater conspiracy to end hunting, destroy game animals, bring in more federal control (or perhaps even United Nations control under something named Agenda 21), destroy gun rights, and the like. The motivation for the conspiracy is malice and under Agenda 21 the removal of the residents of small towns and rural areas.

Get out there and Just Save One.

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